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  • 13-The Image Of The Beast

    13-The Image Of The Beast

    In this video there is a review of the previous study of “The Beast of Revelation Chapter Thirteen” followed by an explanation of the second beast of Revelation thirteen that comes up out of the earth. This covers the facts of the “Image of the Beast” and presents the role of the United States in Bible prophecy in the end-time.   Answers RS LESSON 013 Image of Beast EXPLANATION OF THE YEAR-Day Principle Identifying the Beast of Revelation 13-1–8 & […]

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  • 14-The Mark Of The Beast

    14-The Mark Of The Beast

    This video is a sequel to both videos entitled the “Image of the Beast” and “The Beast of Revelation Thirteen.” It will be most helpful if those videos are watched first. In the book of Revelation God gives dire warnings to all inhabitants of the earth not to receive the Mark of the Beast on pain of final destruction. All need to know what it is and how to avoid it. What will be the “Mark of the Beast?” How […]

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  • 15-Revelation’s Keys of Death

    15-Revelation’s Keys of Death

    What happens to a person when they die? Where do people go when they die? What do they see and feel? How can one know the truth of these matters with certainty? There are many questions on this topic, and this video presents Bible answers in a clear way. Also, there are many deceptions that fill the earth about this most important subject. This video addressed them with detailed biblical answers. Answers RS Lesson 015 DEATH WHAT IS THE SPIRIT […]

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  • 16-Revelation’s Lake Of Fire

    16-Revelation’s Lake Of Fire

    How, and when, will the “lake of fire,” hell, and punishment of the unsaved take place? Do the wicked finally suffer forever? Or do they perish forever? How long will the wicked suffer, and why? Why is it necessary in God’s plan? How is the Bible hell described? This video provides biblical answers to the most important questions regarding this topic. Answers RS Lesson 016 Lake of Fire Does The Bible Teach That The Wicked Will Suffer Eternal Torment In […]

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  • 17-Rev­e­la­tion Pro­claims God’s Judgment

    17-Rev­e­la­tion Pro­claims God’s Judgment

    The book of Revelation announces that God’s judgment of the whole world has begun in the end-times. It teaches that all of us, including Christians, will be judged. However, God also wants us to know that there is good news in the judgment. This video shows the purpose of God’s judgment and answers the question of how it affects us today and in the future? Answers RS Lesson 017 Revelaltion Proclaims Gods Judgment Three Phases of the Judgment

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  • 18-Revelation’s Description Of God’s Church In The End Time

    18-Revelation’s Description Of God’s Church In The End Time

    This video answers the following questions: What are the characteristics of God’s people of the last generation? What will they be like, and how can they be identified? What will they experience? What is the difference between the visible church and the invisible church? Why are there so many denominations today? Adventists Back to Basics Faith Fastest Growing U S Church Answers RS Lesson 018 Revelations Description of Gods Church Apostolic Faith Restored by Adrian Ebens Gods End-Time Movement Partners […]

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  • 19-The Land Of Beginning Again – Baptism

    19-The Land Of Beginning Again – Baptism

    The book of Revelation repeatedly refers to the privilege of beginning again. Learn about this momentous experience that is pivotal to enter the kingdom of God. Baptism is a focal point of this video. What is the biblical mode of baptism? Why is it important? What does the Bible teach on this vital topic? Answers-RS-Lesson-019-The-Land-of-Beginning-Again-Baptism  

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  • 20-Mystic Babylon – The Great Harlot

    20-Mystic Babylon – The Great Harlot

    In Revelation chapter seventeen and eighteen, is brought to view the great enemy of God’s people in the end-time called Babylon the Great? Why is it called a great harlot? What has it done, and what will it do? Who comprises Babylon? Does it have anything to do with ancient Babylon? And why is the reader cautioned to “come out of her”? Are some people in Babylon and do not know it? Answers RS Lesson 020 Mystic Babylon the Great […]

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  • Seminar Post Sessions – 1/7 Modern Prophets And Visions

    Seminar Post Sessions – 1/7 Modern Prophets And Visions

    This video is number one of seven post-session Revelation Seminar presentations. The Bible is filled with stories and deeds of many prophets who had visions and dreams. But what about today? Does the prophetic gift still operate in modern times? How can you tell a true prophet from a false prophet? How does the gift of prophecy operate?  Answers RS Lesson 021 Modern Prophets and Visions A Messenger Of The Lord Infallibility, Inerrancy, and the Prophets– Does a True Prophet […]

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