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Wel­come to the Online Ver­sion Of The

Unlock­ing Rev­e­la­tion Seminar

We are thrilled that you have cho­sen to par­tic­i­pate in this inspir­ing and most help­ful sem­i­nar. Many have already found it to have been instru­men­tal in chang­ing their lives for the bet­ter with increased spir­i­tual focus and readi­ness for the soon com­ing of Jesus. The Online ver­sion con­sists of video pre­sen­ta­tions that have been pre­vi­ously recorded before a live audience.

View the Videos in the order in which they are listed. While you may be tempted to jump to a topic of inter­est to you, in order to get the full ben­e­fit of the sem­i­nar, please view them in the order in which they are listed. Some pre­sen­ta­tions assume facts and under­stand­ing that has been pre­sented in a pre­vi­ous ses­sion. With­out that under­stand­ing, sub­se­quent pre­sen­ta­tions may not be appre­ci­ated as much. Be patient, and take the lessons in the order they are arranged. Here is a list of the pre­sen­ta­tions and their order:

  1. Rev­e­la­tion: The Open Book—How to Under­stand It.
  2. The “Star” of the Drama of Rev­e­la­tion.
  3. The “Vil­lain” of the Drama of Rev­e­la­tion.
  4. The Incred­i­bly Good News of Rev­e­la­tion.Unlocking Revelation Seminar
  5. The Seven Ignored Mes­sages of Jesus.
  6. Revelation’s Glo­ri­ous Rap­ture.
  7. The Devil chained in the Bot­tom­less Pit.
  8. Revelation’s Amaz­ing Space City.
  9. Revelation’s Seal of God.
  10. Sun­day Obser­vance and the Book of Rev­e­la­tion.
  11. The Seven Seals of Rev­e­la­tion.
  12. The Beast of Rev­e­la­tion Chap­ter Thir­teen.
  13. The Image of the Beast.
  14. The Mark of the Beast.
  15. Revelation’s Keys of Death.
  16. Revelation’s Lake of Fire.
  17. Rev­e­la­tion Pro­claims God’s Judg­ment.
  18. Revelation’s Descrip­tion of God’s Church in the End-Time.
  19. The Land of Begin­ning Again.
  20. Mys­tic Baby­lon, The Great Harlot—Rev 17–18

Sem­i­nar Post Sessions

It is highly rec­om­mended that you watch the entire Unlock­ing Rev­e­la­tion Sem­i­nar (the 20 videos above) series first, before div­ing into the sem­i­nar post-session videos below. Doing so will give you a firm foun­da­tion in Bib­li­cal Truth which in turn will bet­ter help you assim­i­late and under­stand the post-session material.

  1. Mod­ern Prophets and Visions. This video is num­ber one of seven post-session Rev­e­la­tion Sem­i­nar pre­sen­ta­tions. The Bible is filled with sto­ries and deeds of many prophets who had visions and dreams. But what about today? Does the prophetic gift still oper­ate in mod­ern times? How can you tell a true prophet from a false prophet? How does the gift of prophecy operate?


How to Obtain the Study Materials

Many of the study mate­ri­als for the lessons are avail­able online. Just look below the video box and you will see sev­eral doc­u­ments that you can down­load in PDF for­mat. If you can­not down­load a doc­u­ment please con­tact us and we will help you. Also you will see links to addi­tional study helps on that par­tic­u­lar les­son. Espe­cially help­ful is the answer sheet for fill­ing in the ques­tions dur­ing the presentation.

The lessons them­selves must be sent to you by mail because of copy­right restric­tions. And we have sev­eral small books and mag­a­zines that need to be obtained that will be of indis­pens­able value as you go through the lessons. We have received your online reg­is­tra­tion which includes your mail­ing address, and we will pro­vide the lessons FREE of charge through this means. We will send you an email to ver­ify receipt of these lessons.

Ask­ing Questions

Dur­ing the reg­u­lar live ses­sions of the Unlock­ing Rev­e­la­tion Sem­i­nar we allow for ques­tions. You, too, can ask ques­tions by going to the Con­tact Us page and plac­ing a ques­tion there. Just fill in the form and ask the ques­tion. We will get back to you within twenty-four hours or less. You may also request to have your ques­tions answered through a phone call. Just let us know.

DVDs are Available

Each ses­sion is also avail­able on a high res­o­lu­tion DVD. To help defray our costs, they have been made avail­able to you for a nom­i­nal charge of $4 each.

The Online Unlock­ing Rev­e­la­tion Sem­i­nar Post Session

Each reg­u­lar Unlock­ing Rev­e­la­tion Sem­i­nar is fol­lowed with a post ses­sion of seven more dynamic top­ics. These are also avail­able online. They are pre­sen­ta­tions num­bered 21–27. They require more bib­li­cal knowl­edge and assume the infor­ma­tion given dur­ing the reg­u­lar ses­sion. So it is advis­able to view them in the order they are pre­sented to max­i­mize their poten­tial ben­e­fit. Please view the reg­u­lar ses­sion pre­sen­ta­tions first, then pro­ceed to the post ses­sion lessons.


The Unlock­ing Rev­e­la­tion Sem­i­nar, both in its live ses­sions and online for­mats are offered free of charge to any­one inter­ested in pur­su­ing an under­stand­ing of the book of Rev­e­la­tion. That said, peo­ple often ask how they can con­tribute. While it is not required, you can con­tribute by send­ing a dona­tion to Get a Life Foun­da­tion , P.O. Box 151207, Cape Coral FL 33915.

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