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Welcome to the Online Version Of The

Unlocking Revelation Seminar

We are thrilled that you have chosen to participate in this inspiring and most helpful seminar. Many have already found it to have been instrumental in changing their lives for the better with increased spiritual focus and readiness for the soon coming of Jesus. The Online version consists of video presentations that have been previously recorded before a live audience.

View the Videos in the order in which they are listed. While you may be tempted to jump to a topic of interest to you, in order to get the full benefit of the seminar, please view them in the order in which they are listed. Some presentations assume facts and understanding that has been presented in a previous session. Without that understanding, subsequent presentations may not be appreciated as much. Be patient, and take the lessons in the order they are arranged. Here is a list of the presentations and their order:

  1. Revelation: The Open Book—How to Understand It.
  2. The “Star” of the Drama of Revelation.
  3. The “Villain” of the Drama of Revelation.
  4. The Incredibly Good News of Revelation.Unlocking Revelation Seminar
  5. The Seven Ignored Messages of Jesus.
  6. Revelation’s Glorious Rapture.
  7. The Devil chained in the Bottomless Pit.
  8. Revelation’s Amazing Space City.
  9. Revelation’s Seal of God.
  10. Sunday Observance and the Book of Revelation.
  11. The Seven Seals of Revelation.
  12. The Beast of Revelation Chapter Thirteen.
  13. The Image of the Beast.
  14. The Mark of the Beast.
  15. Revelation’s Keys of Death.
  16. Revelation’s Lake of Fire.
  17. Revelation Proclaims God’s Judgment.
  18. Revelation’s Description of God’s Church in the End-Time.
  19. The Land of Beginning Again.
  20. Mystic Babylon, The Great Harlot—Rev 17-18

Seminar Post Sessions

It is highly recommended that you watch the entire Unlocking Revelation Seminar (the 20 videos above) series first, before diving into the seminar post-session videos below. Doing so will give you a firm foundation in Biblical Truth which in turn will better help you assimilate and understand the post-session material.

  1. Modern Prophets and Visions. This video is number one of seven post-session Revelation Seminar presentations. The Bible is filled with stories and deeds of many prophets who had visions and dreams. But what about today? Does the prophetic gift still operate in modern times? How can you tell a true prophet from a false prophet? How does the gift of prophecy operate?


How to Obtain the Study Materials

Many of the study materials for the lessons are available online. Just look below the video box and you will see several documents that you can download in PDF format. If you cannot download a document please contact us and we will help you. Also you will see links to additional study helps on that particular lesson. Especially helpful is the answer sheet for filling in the questions during the presentation.

The lessons themselves must be sent to you by mail because of copyright restrictions. And we have several small books and magazines that need to be obtained that will be of indispensable value as you go through the lessons. We have received your online registration which includes your mailing address, and we will provide the lessons FREE of charge through this means. We will send you an email to verify receipt of these lessons.

Asking Questions

During the regular live sessions of the Unlocking Revelation Seminar we allow for questions. You, too, can ask questions by going to the Contact Us page and placing a question there. Just fill in the form and ask the question. We will get back to you within twenty-four hours or less. You may also request to have your questions answered through a phone call. Just let us know.

DVDs are Available

Each session is also available on a high resolution DVD. To help defray our costs, they have been made available to you for a nominal charge of $4 each.

The Online Unlocking Revelation Seminar Post Session

Each regular Unlocking Revelation Seminar is followed with a post session of seven more dynamic topics. These are also available online. They are presentations numbered 21-27. They require more biblical knowledge and assume the information given during the regular session. So it is advisable to view them in the order they are presented to maximize their potential benefit. Please view the regular session presentations first, then proceed to the post session lessons.


The Unlocking Revelation Seminar, both in its live sessions and online formats are offered free of charge to anyone interested in pursuing an understanding of the book of Revelation. That said, people often ask how they can contribute. While it is not required, you can contribute by sending a donation to Get a Life Foundation , P.O. Box 151207, Cape Coral FL 33915.

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