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Dr. Roger Lucas

Dr. Roger Lucas is a pastor, Bible educator, and director of a non-profit foundation for the promotion of optimal spiritual, emotional and physical health according to Bible principles. Since 1977, he has offered dozens of educational seminars in both community and church locations throughout

Dr. Roger Lucas

the United States. Dr. Lucas is devoutly passionate about helping people of all ages and cultures to find relevance in the Holy Bible, to accept Jesus into their lives, and then to mature in that relationship. Despite having acquired a personal study library of over 5,000 volumes, Dr. Lucas has a gift to communicate the intellectual details of Scripture and his extensive studies in an easily understandable and practical way for the Christian and non-Christian alike.

In these times, as people observe the increase of earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes, they are asking questions: “What does it all mean? Is it a sign that ‘the end’ is coming soon?” Many people of all faiths look to the Bible book of Revelation to explain these phenomena. This has led Dr. Lucas to specialize in educating people about this fascinating book of Scripture. He has studied the book of Revelation in the original Greek language. Dr. Lucas presents the message of Revelation as one of hope and restoration with an emphasis on when Jesus will make all things better for the world.

According to Dr. Lucas, “The book of Revelation certainly has its more scary and serious parts. And it does speak of the eventual end of the world and the destruction of evil. But it is first and foremost an exhortation to believe in the saving power of Jesus. It is like a dramatic play with several scenes revealing the background of evil at work through the ages, culminating in a time of escalating trouble just before the return of Jesus, the saving of His followers, and the re-creation of the earth in its Eden beauty. Understanding Revelation helps us to be prepared for the end of time.”

Dr. Lucas was raised in Massachusetts and obtained a BA in Theology from Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, MA. He also earned a Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, CA, to augment his ministry with more background in the healing ministry of Jesus. After pastoring churches for several years, he then obtained a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies at Andrew University in Berrien Springs, MI where he also taught religion classes as a contract teacher. In the religion classes he taught there and later as an assistant professor at Union College in Nebraska, his religion students have been influenced to be positive Christian leaders. He now spends his time pastoring a local church in Cape Coral, FL and offering Bible-based seminars. These seminars are offered free, made possible by kind donations of those who support this mission.

Roger has been married to his wife, Teresa, for 33 plus years. Together they endeavor to live out an authentic Christian experience not only in their church life, but at work and at home. They have three sons ages 19, 28, and 37.